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We put some images of Uruguay on the homepage. And we finally changed the top menu a bit. So now you can browse through the countries as you like by just using the top menu. more...»
The Info site for Chile is now translated too. Any questions about travelling in Chile - just send us a mail! more...»
We managed to catch up on our in German already existing texts about Peru. Here the Colca Canyon! more...»
First reports about our arriving in Argentina are put on the page. And about our stay in Cafayate which might be of interest for people who like wine! more...»
Who are we?
Susann Willner
Konrad Willner
E-Mail: Konni

About this page

Your are at a homepage of two people, to be seen in a picture further down to the right, who started travelling the world on the 19. August 2001. Since then we had not set a foot on our home contry's soil until the 22. July 2005. In the end we travelled, 3 years, 48 weeks and 5 days to discover the worlds sights and cultures. Now we are back and just busy sorting our stuff and getting used to a new currency and a Germany we don't really know. ;-) Soon we will start a web log to report about our adventures in Germany!

The Journey

During that time we have seen and experienced a lot. Under worldtour you will find brief news of what we did update on this site.
If you are interested in the photos and reports about India, Nepal, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, you could as well go directly to the page of a special country.

The Recepies...

... are some of our favorites! We got them from our mothers or we just got to know them during our travels. We have very font memories to these Recepies since we used them during our 9 month stay in Melbourne / Australia a lot!